Letter to Abaddon

Demon hoopsAbaddon,

Your doubts are disturbing, but I will address them anyway.

How do we beat them? We make them stupid. We make them believe that spirituality is something to be felt. We make them feel that God and heaven are a feeling to have – an animal emotion. From there we instill passion. From there we tickle that pleasure center in their pee little brains, which is something based on hormones and secretions, as they fail to realize those are things they’ll never have in the so called heaven that they aspire to achieve.

How easy it will be then to keep their attention focused on animal impulses. How easy it will be then to direct them to the animal’s desire to live and achieve a material salvation.

Tickle their ventral striatum with certainty. Tickle their sense of righteousness with an everlasting condemnation and judgement against those who feel otherwise.

Allow them to placate this animal, this ego, with fantasies of immortality. As if, they are the epitome of God’s creation. As if, it all centers on them.

Everything centers on me. God serves my purpose and I pray for his servitude. I pray that He answers my prayers.

Hold me and take care of me, for I am what matters most. Without me, there is no existence. Without me, nothing else matters.

Let the animal remove them from all that is spiritual. Suck the self-sacrifice from their sense of intelligence, as if it is something for stupid people.

Oh how we will be victorious. And let us never forget their greed, their blood lust for self, and their hormonal control of voracious self-admiration.

Play with their emotions. Revel in their feelings. Let them never forget what it feels like to be alive – what is feels like to exist materially.

Let it burn them with anxiety. Without the worry, there is no life and there is no living without apprehension. 

Scrape and claw their self-worth into focus absolute.

 Your President,


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