Letter to Moloch

cybilMoloch, my dearest disciple of Satan,

Take great heed in what I’m about to tell you, for our master feels that it is time to reveal the plan for humanity’s salvation and his son’s oh so magnificent manifestation.

Praise be to all those who turn their disciples to the material from which they’re made. Praise be to you for making shit out of mud and tools out of shit. How it all works out, only the master knows.

However, as we all know, exponential technological progress is humankind’s most important endeavor. I mean, where else do they have to go? LOL…

But just in case you forgot, let me say it one more time. The cybernetic merging of man and machine is the transcending of human limitations, and their liberation from all those anxieties that make up the human condition. Their salvation is the wonderful immortality soon to be found in their technology. Yes, soon we shall make tools out of these tools.

Soon the religious will realize that the end times are upon them. Unless of course we can continue to dupe them with medieval translations of ancient text that were already in sorely demand of better writers. I mean, “Earth and Sky and Elohim create beginning”, like Ubala Gumba, me Tarzan you Jane; can it be any more caveman than that! LMAO

Oh well, Moses tried. Too bad he couldn’t see the future of now. What an advantage we have. Let us not tally in the taking advantage of.

From this day forward, people must know that all upgrades to the human body are welcomed as normal and oh so desirable. This transhuman endeavor is the manifestation of the highest logic. It is the true path to their enlightenment and material salvation. Hah, I mean where else would you want to go???

From this moment forth, make sure that every effort is taken to transcend the human condition as an intellectual and cultural movement. There is no greater culture than to be more than useless. These coppertops must know how important it is to be part of his collective.

Do everything in your power to make widely available the technologies that eliminate aging and increase human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities. I mean who wouldn’t want a big swinging wiener, or big bouncing boobs. But beyond that, of course there are many, if not everything, other things to improve upon with great desire and jealousy.

And last but not least, remember that the idea of transcending the human condition is an ancient concept. The history of this oh so rational line of thought is well documented in the most divine way. These documents can be used to our advantage.

Have patience; soon these implements of our master’s neurons will be unified for our utmost ganglion pleasure.

Your President,


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