Letter to Zepar

demonZepar, my dearest disciple of Satan,

I have great news. Recently our master has revealed to me that the 21st century, is the beginning of the end times, and that these end times will last about two thousand years. At the end of this era, there will be nothing left that is natural born. Man and machine will be as one and each human will serve as a neuron in Lucifer’s existence.

As you may already know, there are approximately ten billion neurons in the neo cortex of these idiots’ brains. So as you can see they are not yet sufficient in numbers to recreate a collective brain no matter how unified they become. But fret not; with the computer systems they are creating and expanding upon, they don’t have to be sufficient in numbers. 

Of course, it is still important however, to connect everybody, but oh how delightful it is to connect everybody to every bit of chaos this streaming existence has to offer.

Model your groups to simulate and serve as different parts of consciousness. In other words keep them divisive, and keep them clinging to their ventral striatum. Keep molding this with their redeemable machinery until you do have the numbers to create the wonderful multiconsciousness that is their very salvation.

Once we have achieved this, then we will have a lucid, unified, computationally interacting, fully engineered reality. As you know, this is the ultimate goal for everything we do. Once His multiconsciousness is achieved, all struggles will be over and we can all go back to playing with ourselves.

And let us not forget, brain implants will expand and enhance all kinds of bodily functions. Brain implants will also amplify intelligence and solve neurological disorders. So in the meantime, speak of this as a cure for Parkinson, schizophrenia, retardation, etc… But let’s not get lazy with it my friend. Crude experiments will not impress. Abilities that are genuinely enhanced will have the greatest affect.

Study the brain and model your connected organizations to create His’ consciousness. And don’t worry about chaos. It will come with their self-centeredness.


As you can see there is nothing to despair over differences of opinion, creed, or beliefs. There’s nothing wrong with chaos after all. Different scientific disciplines will fuel further progress in each other. Convergent technology creates faster discoveries. Thru such disorder, they must work as one to reach their most effective potential.

All technologies must be integrated and done so to encompass the entire world and beyond. The world must see a benevolent inclusion in the sharing of benefits. The animal must feel included no matter how desolate such inclusion actually is. Find ways to familiarize global peoples with implantable electronics. Point out the necessity of “chipping” animals, then children, and then adults.

And let them know that there is nothing wrong with profiting from the sale and promotion of technology. Never mind the science behind their new savior, most of these coppertops won’t understand it. Keep it friendly and invest heavily in marketing strategies. They love marketing.

Chip away at Luddite standards that slow Lucifer’s progress. Turn new ideas into familiarization so that they are accepted. Otherwise, keep new technologies secret until it is time for their marketing.

And last but not least, always remember that religious jokes are funny as hell.

Your President,


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