Letter to Sallos

Baby Sallos Sallos, my dearest disciple of Satan,

Hear me now as I give you what our master has revealed to me. A plan for humanity’s salvation and his son’s glorious manifestation is quickly coming of age.

First of all know this; nanotechnology is the key to mastering all technologies. Take your passel of lost souls and make sure they develop their abilities down to the molecular level. This will allow them to make anything you can imagine. In this way, nanotechnology will become known as the end to all scarcity. With the absence of scarcity, these coppertops will look to a world beyond survival. And that’s where we come in. Show them how they will be able to enhance the mind and end human suffering. However, be careful not to release its full potential until the public is ready and the marketing has been sufficient.

Nanotechnology is the key to mastering bodily enhancements and ultimately liberating the mind from the body altogether. Being able to alter biology from the smallest level is the highest transformational perspective. It is the ultimate technological development if the transhuman salvation is to be achieved.

Life extension technologies depend on nanotechnology. The ability to repair and maintain a material existence indefinitely will soon be at hand. Have them trust in the abilities in science. Trust in their ability to create technology and use it to restrict calories, make increasingly better supplements, and discover healthier ways to live until ‘escape velocity’ is achieved. Let them know that if they live long enough, then technology will carry them the rest of the way. If they don’t live long enough, then invest in cryogenics, anything but God.

For the human condition, time is running out, and for the religious that’s bad news. Many will cave in to fear, however, ask them to step back and view this from a spiritual perspective, as if there’s anything spiritual about a material salvation, LOL. You don’t have to let them know that such changes are needed for a new consciousness to enter this world, at least not yet.

On the other side of this, the liberal mindset can help us as well, even more so than the religious zealots.

From science they learn that rain comes from condensation in the atmosphere and not God crying – therefor, armed with the little bit of information science has taught them, they’ve stopped believing and trusting in God. But, they’re still afraid, so they need something to comfort them, so they put their trust in government in the hopes that it becomes so encompassing that nothing is left to chance.

They think if restrictions can be enacted, then more restrictions will come in the future, and then more, and then more, until one day everyone will be wards of the state. Then they’ll feel secure and under control – especially since they don’t feel secure with God anymore.

And since idealist (people who spout their ideas before testing them, which is quite unscientific, Karl Marx) write so well, with such big words, and speak so well that they capture feelings of a more secure world with such grand schemes – they must be intellectuals. And since these intellectuals generally adopt a liberal mindset, they assume liberalism to be a shortcut to intellectualism without having to do all the logic. Therefor they assume they’re really smart for adopting policies they don’t fully understand and then assume that they know what’s best for everyone. These are the ones to reach most of all, for they are the champions of change.

PS. Crocodile Dundee has nothing on you.

Your President,


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